Trains and Blocks

Feb.26.13 blog

Can you guess what Sayla has built? This is a train with a great story that Sayla spent the better part of 30 minutes creating and acting out from her imagination. I couldn’t catch enough to follow along, but I definitely heard that the train lost Mommom and was scared but it’s ok cause Sayla loves the little train. It amazes me that with a little imagination you can see beyond the reality of “it’s just a pile of blocks”. I can’t help but think of how this relates to the gospel. So often this life, this world, looks like a pile of blocks. A dis-organized mess. Not always though. When things are going well, life appears as if all is in good order. But in the midst of a trial, or multiple trials, the blocks look plain and disorganized. You think that the the blocks should be aligned a certain way. Your way. For those of us with little imagination, we’d like to see the blocks arranged according to size. Or perhaps you are trying to making tower or a bridge. But the Lord sees a train. A magnificent train that belongs in a great story. Hopefully not one where it loses it’s mother like Sayla’s story tonight; but one in which everything is ok because He loves us.

February has been a month a “chugging along”. Troy is doing a great job of managing the stress. Poor Troy. We’ll more to report after April. Sayla is doing great with her new sitter. This sitter has two little girls Sayla’s age, one of whom is in nursery with her. She comes home happy, and when she sees the girls at church she says “My Friends!”. My only concern is her sudden obsession with losing me. Every night, as part of her bedtime routine, she asks us to tell her story where mom is lost. I’m not sure what to think of this. Eventually her and dad, with the help of an elephant or a small mouse, find me. I suppose that’s good. I’m not lost forever. But Troy – the psychologist – assures me that it’s a good thing she’s talking about it because that means that she understands that I do come back. So she’s not entirely damaged by me working full-time. As for work, I recently changed positions/departments. I now work in the Executive/Legal offices. And I’m loving it. But it does mean that we’ve been very busy adjusting to the new schedule; which is why it’s been a month since our last post. I’ll try to be better. I promise. So stay tuned.

our busy week

we had a very fun week. visits to the park, the farmer’s market, the library and plenty of fun at home. but the most fun was when bama and paka stopped by on their way down to GA. unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures. but i was good about documenting the rest of our fun. here you go…





i have the unfortunate problem of being sayla’s favorite. when she’s tired or grumpy or in any way unhappy she whines that she “wants mmmommmommm”. (just like that). drives troy crazy. secretly i love it, but of course i’m very sympathetic to troy’s frustration. but recently sayla’s been acting like this with the new sitter, and its gotten a bit out of hand. she cries for most of the day wanting her mom, and must be carried and snuggled. so to solve this little problem of ours troy’s resorted to bribing her with candy. if she’s a good girl and plays with the other kids and doesn’t cry all day she gets to go to the grocery store and pick out a treat. as you can see, she was a good girl.


Memories are the strangest things

Memories are strange creatures. If you were to ask me about my middle school days at Flat Rock Middle School, I would roll my eyes and exclaim how long ago that was, blah blah blah. I couldn’t tell you very much about it. This morning, driving into work, I was struck by the strongest memory from those long ago days. This memory is so fresh it’s as if it happened yesterday. I’m sitting in a classroom, second row from the left, 3 seats from the front. My teacher is reading out loud from the book The Cay. I couldn’t tell you my teacher’s name nor what room the class is in. Is it History? English? Social Studies? Not a clue. But I can tell you that the teacher’s voice is low, rich and little raspy. She has the slightest lisp. She is sitting on a stool at the front, one leg propped up while I am pretending to be bored like everyone else. Secretly I hang on every word. It’s a story about a privileged boy shipwrecked on an island. The boy is blinded from the accident that brought him to the island. It is because of this blindness that tasks which would ordinarily be simple to the boy are terrifying and near impossible. Starving, the boy tries to climb a coconut tree. He begins his accent but a mere 10 feet seems an endless distance when you can’t see the destination. Don’t worry. He perseveres. 3 ½ years ago Troy and I embarked on a journey. One which we knew would be long and arduous but was the right thing. We knew we’d have to make sacrifices but we had no idea just how much those sacrifices would hurt nor that they would last so long. Yet we know it’s right. Honestly sometimes I feel as blind as Philip on that island. I feel like the tree will never end. Will we ever get those golden coconuts?! Nope. Ok yes…but honestly when?? BUT every day we have moments like those in the pictures below. These golden minutes/hours clear the fog of despair; and we see that these few years may seem like they will never end now, but one day we’ll look back and think how long ago it was that we lived in the tiny apartment. We’ll ask “and what was the name of that neighbor?” “How much did we pay for laundry?” I have no idea what prompted the middle school memory. But I hope that in the future these will be the memories that randomly pop into my head. So clear. So happy.

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A SnuggleBug Adventure

Once upon a time there was a little snugglebug who braved the cold, misty day to go on an adventure.
“Where are you going little snugglebug?” asked mommom snugglebug.
“I’m going to the river.” (Potomac River/Great Falls)
With words of caution, our little snugglebug was on her way.  But not without her ball.Image

She didn’t get very far until her path split. Hmmm…which way should she choose? Image

What’s that?! It’s says “woof woof”. This way! She turned left and ran. And there! Coming down the path. Coming to her!..was a big fluffy dogdog. The little snugglebug loves dogdogs, and this one was very nice. His name was Zeke, and he was Canadian.

Ok…time to move. She said goodbye and her adventure continued. QUACK. QUACK QUACK! Ducks!! Over there. Swimming in the water. “Hello Ducks!” She called. “Look at me…it’s Sayla!”ImageCareful snugglebug. Don’t go in the water too! But the little snugglebug wanted to swim with the ducks. Image

Ooops. She walked too far and got her boots wet. Brrrr. The water was freezing! Image

So the little snugglebug decided to crawl in the dirt. ImageOur bug moved on, and found a huge tree! Up she climbed. 


So brave!


Ooops…too high.

She decided that for now she’d go under the big trees instead.ImageThe little snugglebug soon discovered that some trees she could shake.
She discovered she was strong.ImageShe got braver. So brave that she decided to climb another tree. She climbed so high!
Very confident of herself, the snugglebug began to bounce on the tree. But that was not a good idea. Her foot slipped! And she fell and scraped her legged.


After that the little snugglebug decided to climb only fallen trees. Like this one.


Our little snugglebug was very happy with her adventure. Time to go home.Image